奥克兰's Hauraki海湾 is a 1.2 million hectare marine playground for 奥克兰ers and visitors alike.  The spectacular beauty of more than 50 islands, 看似无穷无尽的海湾, often deserted idyllic 海滩, scarlet-splashed pohutakawa 森林 and the natural backdrop in general of sweeping sand, crystal sea and blue sky are a big draw.


With the abundance of marine wildife, rare seabirds and a huge variety of fish species, 在2000年, this tapestry of marine ecosystems became the country's first national park of the sea.  今天, the Hauraki海湾 Marine Park has five separate marine reserves that fall under its protective umbrella.

为游客, there are opportunites to venture into the park and observe whales and dolphins up close.  奥克兰 Whale and Dolphin Safari offer eco-safari trips on their purpose-built research vessel the 'Dolphin Explorer'.
它也被认为 水上活动 heaven by many - not hard to understand once you factor in the sheltered nature of the inner gulf, numerous harbours and the semi-shallow coastal environment.  在这里, 你可以浮潜, 潜水, kayak, 桨板, 冲浪, 帆, 啜饮当地葡萄酒, 午餐吃鱼, visit military relics or explore a dormant volcano. Escape and serenity are both key watchwords here.


但对很多游客来说, it's about hopping on a ferry and exploring 奥克兰's Hauraki海湾 Islands.  We've therefore created a guide to the most popular islands that can all be reached by regular ferry service or water taxi.

Waiheke is an island suburb of 奥克兰, the second largest island in the Hauraki海湾 and only 35 minutes from 奥克兰 by ferry.  Often referred to as the 'Island of Wine', Waiheke has over 20 established vineyards that offer tours, 午餐, 品酒及销售.  阅读更多.

The largest of the Gulf islands is a 30 minute plane ride from 奥克兰 or, you can choose one of the fast ferry services.  Attractions include a range of bush walking tracks, 众多水上活动, 骑马, 观鸟和打高尔夫.  阅读更多.

Rangitoto is always visible from the mainland and is a mere 8 kilometre northeast of the city.  The island has the largest Pohutukawa forest in the world while the summit enjoys spectacular views of the Hauraki海湾 and 奥克兰 city.  阅读更多.

Motutapu岛 is a natural island in the Hauraki海湾, 11km from 奥克兰.  走, war relics and a campground plus amazing natural scenery await you in this conservation wonderland.  阅读更多.

Tiritiri Matangi岛
Tiritiri Matangi is an open nature reserve, 30km from 奥克兰 and a popular day trip for birdwatchers and conservationists.  See New Zealand's oldest working lighthouse, plus dozens of species of birds and trees.  阅读更多.

Tiny island with idyllic beach and famous 500m long reef.  Great for water sports, sunbathing and picnics.  Boats from Sandspit, Warkworth.  距离奥克兰CBD 90分钟路程.  阅读更多.

Kawau岛 was named after the birds who call this island home.  The island is the former residence of Sir George Grey, who built the Mansion House here in the 1860s.  Visitors can wander around this magnificent building and get a very real sense of Victorian island life.  阅读更多.

Conservation island in the Hauraki海湾, famous for its kiwi sanctuary. Isolated 海滩, amazing clifftop walks with beautiful views, and places to camp overnight.  距离奥克兰90分钟车程.  阅读更多.

Rotoroa is a small island just east of Waiheke, famous for its arts and heritage attractions.  A beautiful oasis just 75 minutes ferry crossing from downtown 奥克兰, the island features an exhibition centre, 沙滩, bush walks and a number of preserved buildings.  阅读更多.

Amazing 'mini-volcanic' island in the Hauraki海湾, just 11km from 奥克兰CBD.  Centuries-old campsites and Maori pa settlements still remain.  阅读更多.

Motuihe岛 is a conservation island in Waitemata Harbour, 30 minutes ferry crossing from downtown 奥克兰.  A former POW camp and quarantine station, the island now boasts 海滩, 森林, rare birds and wonderful walking.  阅读更多.

Gorgeous little island northeast of 奥克兰 in the Hauraki海湾. Holiday homes available, great walks, superb 海滩 and unrivalled views from every angle.  45 mins by ferry from 奥克兰.  阅读更多.